Random Recipes

Having trouble deciding what to cook? Or just like to be surprised? On this page you will find a random selection of recipes that will hopefully help you out! Recipes will be randomly selected each time you refresh the page.

Agretti (Salsola Soda) with Mussels

I agree that this Mediterranean vegetable, with its slightly sour and briny flavours and pleasant crunch, doesn’t need much and is best when shortly boiled and sprinkled with nothing but a bit of extra-virgin olive oil and a few drops of lemon, or mixed into a simple pasta dish. However, since it grows so close to the shore, salsola soda has a natural affinity to any type of fish and seafood as well. Of course, you can simply serve said agretti salads and pastas alongside a bit of fish, but for my recipe today, I’ve combined it with some steamed mussels and a simple olive oil, lemon and mustard vinaigrette. It makes for a great appetizer, side dish, or simple light lunch for two that will immediately transport you to a Mediterranean island or beachside restaurant.

Green Couscous Salad with Herbs and Pistachios

I have been making this simple and refreshing couscous salad with toasty pistachios, sweet sultanas, lots of green herbs, peppery arugula and a refreshing lemon and oil ‘dressing’ for years now. I think a former housemate found a recipe like it in a magazine once (can’t really remember which magazine – could’ve easily been on one of those ‘meal suggestion’-cards you can find at the supermarket) years ago during our final year of getting our bachelor’s degree and I’ve been basically making variations on it ever since.

Periwinkles with Currant (Raisin) Bread / Alikruiken met Krentenbrood

The common periwinkle (Littorina littorea) is an edible species of marine snails that can be commonly found in northern Europe. In the Netherlands, where I am from, these little sea snails go by many names : alikruiken, kreukels, karakol, or krukels. While researching on how people usually prepare these little snails I learned that in the province of Zeeland in the south-west of the Netherlands many people actually go periwinkle harvesting around Easter time. As it turns out, a typical traditional Zeeuws Easter breakfast is krukels mie krentenbrood, meaning: periwinkles on currant bread.