Random Recipes

Having trouble deciding what to cook? Or just like to be surprised? On this page you will find a random selection of recipes that will hopefully help you out! Recipes will be randomly selected each time you refresh the page.

Anchovy and Fennel Seed Butter (Compound Butter)

I love butter. I love it on hot toast, melted over veggies and steaks, mashed into fluffy potatoes and baked into buttery biscuits and cakes (including the buttercream frosting, naturally). One thing I like better than butter? Flavoured compound butter. Any type of flavoured butter is good butter in my opinion, but this one here with salty briny anchovies and aromatic fennel seeds has got to be my favourite

Ampelokorfathes Toursi / Αμπελοκορφάδες Τουρσί (Greek Pickled Grapevine Shoots)

In Greece, during the months of April and May, grapevines start sprouting shoots, tendrils and new leaves rapidly like many plants do in springtime. Unless you want your vine to climb up on a trellis, it is necessary to remove many of the little shoots and tendrils(‘ampelokorfathes’ (αμπελοκορφάδες) or ‘ampelovlastara’ (αμπελοβλάσταρα) in Greek) in order to stop the plant from wrapping around its own branches and leaves. While you can keep the young and tender leaves to make the well known Greek dolmathes, the shoots and tendrils can be pickled and served as a delicious meze, or added to salads or pasta and rice dishes.

Stinging Nettle Risotto with Pine Nuts / Risotto alle Ortiche con Pinoli

I don’t think there’s one person who has never felt the burn of a nettle and these fast-growing weeds are usually considered a real menace by garden-owners, shorts- or skirts wearing humans, and pets. But stinging nettles are not just an annoyingly painful weed! Young common nettles (urtica dioica) with soft leaves and stems are actually edible, quite nutritious and delicious – they kind of taste like spinach!